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Alice Florizelle

Mountains Silver Ring

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It doesn’t get bolder and more charming than the Mountains sterling silver ring. Perfect for any occasion, the chunky ring has a vintage uneven crown outer surface, suitable for all the queens for daily wear to formal wear to complete your gorgeous look. 

  • Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 7.53-12.14 g 
  • Handcrafted


Hey! My name is Alice, I was born in 1986.

Once I left for Bali with a one-way ticket and no specific goals. I had a dream to see the ocean.

One day while riding a bike, I got lost. And on the road I saw a silver smithing sign. I went there to ask what they were doing.

It turned out that they give lessons on working with silver. I took one lesson and made the first horn ring. I posted it on Facebook and my friends said: wow, come on again! and one was asked to be made to order. I took five lessons and made my favorite rings in Bali.

I have been doing this since February 2014. And I like everything.

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