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Ekaterina Tolstaya

Droplet Ring

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A water drop seems to have just fallen on a finger and wrapped around it, turning into a refined cast ring.
There is no soldering in the ring, which allows it to change one size up and down and be extremely comfortable during wearing.
Droplet ring looks great both in a casual look and as a part of an evening attire. By its smooth texture it always contacts with your body and other surfaces, so it does not darken with constant wear.


  • Sterling silver
  • Weight: 2,37-2.62 g
  • Handcrafted

Ekaterina Tolstaya

I worship the restrained, intelligent European style in all its genres. Sleek minimalism, charismatic textures, feminine sculptural forms. A cozy variety, in which there are always more feelings than ideologies. Conceptual lightness, romanticism and just a pleasant friendly conversation.

When creating jewelry, I manually grind lace and tie picturesque silver knots. I care about the exceptional comfort and quality of the product. I test and refine each model for a long time to achieve live contact. So, all my products convey that very natural warmth that is characteristic of author's things.

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