Ring size chart

We know how hard it can be to choose the right ring size when you do not have an opportunity to try it on. We prepared a checklist on how to measure your ring size at home.

Method 1

Print out the Skyfoxy guide on a A4 format paper and carefully follow the instructions. The guide will help you determine your ring size as quickly and accurately as possible.

Method 2 

Take a narrow and long piece of paper or a string. Wrap it around the correct finger so that the material fits snugly but doesn’t isn’t too tight.

Mark the place where the end of the paper or string meets the main body of the tool and measure it with a ruler.

Compare the circumference with the sizes using our Ring Chart*. If the measurement is in-between 2 sizes, choose the bigger one.

Tips to avoid mistakes 

Throughout the day the width of the fingers changes. The optimal time for determining the correct size is at the end of the day.

Ring diameter should be marginally more than the width of the finger.

Ring should fit snugly around the finger but at the same time, it should move easily down the joint. If the joint is wider than the finger, it’s better to focus on its circumference rather than measuring your finger.

Rings with a wide band (more than 4mm) need to be half a size bigger than usual. We hope you can find your perfect piece of jewerly. But if it does not fit, you can return it and easily order a new one in a different size.

The following table can also be used if you know the inner diameter of a ring you have.

 Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm) UK Ring Size
15 47.25 I
15.40 48.38 J
15.50 48.79 J 1/4
15.80 49.64 K
16 50.27 K 1/2
16.10 50.58 L
16.50 51.87 M
17 53.16 N
17.35 54.51 O
17.50 54.82 O 1/2
17.75 55.76 P
18 56.45 P 1/2
18.20 57.15 Q
18.50 58.21 Q 3/4
18.61 58.47 R
18.90 59.34 R 3/4
19 60.00 S
19.50 61.29 T
19.84 62.33 T 1/2
20 62.89 U
20.32 63.84 V
20.50 64.21 V 1/4
20.76 65.22 W
21 65.78 W 1/2
21.18 66.54 X
21.49 67.51 Y
21.89 68.77 Z



SkyFoxy team.