About us

It all started with gemstone bracelets during the 2020 pandemic. Looking for a perfect bracelet for himself, Vitaliy either couldn't have found one or faced with bad customer service. The answer struck him suddenly: if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

That's how the journey with a small crew and tons of gemstones has started.
In a couple of months and a bunch of awesome feedback SKYFOXY showed itself as something more than just bracelets. We began to take our first steps in the world of local jewellery artists who share our views and values. So we became a multi-brand jewellery store.

From the very beginning SKYFOXY has been a team full of love towards each other. Coming from totally different paths and worlds we built a tiny little world of jewellery for any person wearing SKYFOXY that is as comfortable as their own skin. We love the way unique handcrafted pieces from local designers complement each other to create a special world for our customers. We are doing this for genuine people all over the world who choose their freedom, comfort, respect for nature, and all that surrounds us.

So you can wear SKYFOXY the way you want and it will suit you because it is who you are.

SKYFOXY. The art of being you.